Duel of Life and Death: Toastmasters edition

Čas události: 15.10.2016 9:30 - 18:00
Místo: Slovanské náměstí 1804/7, 612 00 Brno, Česká Republika
Facebook: https://facebook.com/events/1250948754949864
Vystupuje: Džem Theatre

When you visit any Toastmasters Club in L5 Area, you would very probably hear: ,,Our speakers are the best! You could not find better speakers far and wide!“

On the other hand, if you visit Toastmasters Club in L4 Area, you might hear: „ Are you serious? No one can compete with our speakers! Last time we managed to make Kristen Stewart laugh and our speakers are so prompt, that even Václav Moravec cannot suprise them!“

We have decided once and for all, where the best Table Topic Speakers and the funniest speakers are located. Therefore, we organise Duel of Life and Death: Toastmaster Edition, where the best speakers from L4 and L5 Area get the chance to compete!

Which disciplines may you expect?
1. Humorous speech contest in English
2. Humorous speech contest in Czech
3. Table Topics Contest in English
4. Table Topics Contest in Czech

What can you expect except humorous and table topics contest? Lot of interesting things:

FUN: ImproShow performed by DŽEM Theatre in the Czech language. They behave like pros, let’s see if we can learn from them (FB/dzemimpro).

INSPIRATION: Keynote speech delivered by Anna Draganska, an active member of TM since 2012 with large experience not only from Toastmasters, but from business too.

EDUCATION: Workshop in the Project Management field, delivered by an experienced PM Veronika Dobrovolna.

NETWORKING: Toastmasters from the whole Moravie will be there to support their speakers. Isn’t this just perfect opportunity to network?

REGISTRATION: http://tinyurl.com/jrpdtzo

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