Impro Workshop s Nickem Byrne: Authentic Drama

Čas události: 13.10.2019 10:00 - 16:00
Místo: Praha, , Praha

Authentic Drama

A new system of creating truth-driven drama in improvisation, that has real impact, every time, whether for longform or shortform.

Usually, improvised dramatic longforms fall short of the impact that scripted theatre can deliver, because performers rush for the first available problems to address, and the first available connections to make, rather than the underlying issues and the connections that naturally arise. The result is, at best, limited variety, and most commonly, melodrama.

In this new system, players learn how to allow several potential issues to arise, without locking themselves into a path, immediately, building deeper dimensions to their characters and relationships, in scenework that is more true to life. As the scene, or the longform progresses, players learn to find the most meaningful issues that matter to an audience and a scene partner, raise the stakes of these issues, and most importantly, how resist a melodramatic solution and deliver a powerful, authentic result.

Price: 870 Kč

When: Sunday 13.10.2019 10-16

Where: Praha – the place will specified asap

Language of the workshop: English

How to attend the workshop?
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Payment will be pre-paid. Capacity is limited 🙂 The workshop is including a lunch break.

Bio of Nick Byrne

Nick Byrne is Artistic Director, and the creator of, Improvention; Australia’s international festival and convention of unscripted theatre. He is also Artistic Director of Impro ACT, the major improvisational theatre company in Australia’s capital, Canberra.

Nick works as an actor, director, producer, and musician, in all realms of theatre and film, and is a regular delegate to the Australian Theatre Forum, but improvisation is his ruling passion. He has worked in 30 cities throughout Europe, Asia, and Australasia, as an individual guest, or in festivals, including; Moment16 & Moment18 in Vienna, Mt Olymprov in Athens, FIIF in Tampere, Improfest in Gothenburg, Salento Improv Festival, Sofia Improv Festival, RIIF in St Petersburg, TILT in Tallinn, Bengaluru (India), Jo Festival in Poland, and Singapore Improv Festival.
He teaches and directs all styles of the craft, and has done so for fifteen years, producing groundbreaking shows, “The Displaced” (refugee issues), “Crescendo” (a rock band with dramas), “Drivers” (about your internal monologues), “In Person 8” (improvised impersonations), and “Parallel” (three physical stories at once).
Nick tries to make the areas of improvisation that seem difficult, easier for performers, and reduce their worry, so that they can play at their peak. He also conducts workplace sessions, helping Olympians deal with adversity, and United Nations Peacekeepers to remain culturally aware. He likes to explore.

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