Čas události: 5.7.2020 20:00 - 21:45
Místo: Blood, Love and Rhetoric Improv Comedy, Kafkova 18, Praha

Blood, Love and Rhetoric with the International Theatre Sports Institute presents Keith Johnstone’s hilariously epic improv elimination format, Maestro!

The evening will feature 10 to 16 improvisers from all over the world, performing in scenes judged by the audience. Players are eliminated until only one remains the evening’s Maestro.

Come along for fun, frolics and a good guffaw over a cup of tea and the best microbrewery beer in town!


Can’t make it to this one? Don’t worry! BLR hosts Maestro performances the FIRST SUNDAY OF EVERY MONTH!

We also have our regular improv comedy show EVERY SINGLE THURSDAY!

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