Měsíc improvizace: Coffee and Cigarettes + Roots (EN)

Čas události: 27.3.2018 19:30 - 22:30
Místo: BURANTEATR, Sokolský Stadion, Kounicova 20, Brno
Facebook: https://facebook.com/events/150368219105304
Vstupenky: http://www.buranteatr.cz/vstupenky/819
Vystupuje: TAMTi

Unique double feature where you can see two improvised performances – Up the Glen’s Coffee and Cigarettes and TAMTi’s Roots. Come and join us for this special event.
This event is English Friendly.

More information here: http://www.buranteatr.cz/repertoar/coffee_and_cigarettes_plus_roots
Book/buy tickets here: http://www.buranteatr.cz/vstupenky/819

Up the Glen – Coffee and Cigarettes

Similarly to Jim Jarmush’s film, the play tells stories about small, common, ordinary and human situations, in which there is seemingly nothing happening. However, these are the situations where life’s flowing the way we know it – without added drama.
The play Coffee and Cigarettes illustrates these moments of human life and contrasts them with escalated dramatic situations that are familiar on stage. The improvisational form of the play is chosen deliberately to convey authentic moments, which in comparison to gradually built-up dramatic situations according to a script, enable an insight into actors’ kitchen and uncover their humanity.


TAMTi – Roots

Longform improv performance about family ties and merging worlds. Roots tells the story of a family, or rather: the women of a family. Two female protagonists, bound together by finespun nets and an ever-present family legacy, defy the borders between generations as they struggle with their fate. Is blood thicker than water? Both characters lay open their strengths, weaknesses, dreams and worldly drawbacks. In this emotional longform, the ensemble TAMTi from Brno/Czech Republic shows what it means to be part of a community you did not choose.

This event is a part of The Month of Improv.

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