Měsíc improvizace: Improv Open Class (EN)

Čas události: 24.3.2018 15:00 - 17:00
Místo: BURANTEATR, Sokolský Stadion, Kounicova 20, Brno
Facebook: https://facebook.com/events/2032153770400806
Vstupenky: http://www.buranteatr.cz/repertoar/improv_open_class_with_petra
Vystupuje: TAMTi

„Improvisational theatre open class for everyone is an opportunity to play, to create and to learn. Come to the training to discover your creativity, playfulness and the ability to be here and now. All of it on stage without an audience. “

More information here: http://www.buranteatr.cz/repertoar/improv_open_class_with_petra

What will you get with us?
– Theatre improvisation basics
– Spontaneity and creativity training
– Public speaking training
– Being here and now
– Active relax and playful experience

For whom?
The open class is for everyone – the experienced improvisers as well as beginners.

Lecturer: Petra Giňová

Where and When:
BuranTeatr, Kounicova 20, Brno
Saturday 24. 3. 2018, 15:00 – 17:00

Pay what you want.(The payment happens after the class.)

Bára Herucová, bara@proraptor.cz, +420 773 067 285

Reservations are not necessary, you can come 10 minutes before the class.

Improv Open Class is a part of The Month of Improv.

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