Summer Intensive with Jonathan Pitts – Full 4 days

Čas začátku: 25.7.2019 10:00
Čas konce: 28.7.2019 21:30

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Summer Intensive

We are looking for the last members of the workshop!

4 days workshop is focused on long-forms. Jonathan will work with your personal style, level of experience and your group work. He will give you the very specific training you need to make a leap in your improv career. You will understand better the long-form improvising, become more aware on the stage and understand your improv personality better. Expect lots of developmental feedback, practicing specific skills and fun with friends! Jonathan worked with thousands of improvisers all around the world. In a small group of participants and in 4 days a great deal of work will be done!

On Sunday evening there will be a show of all the members of the workshop 🙂

Level of experiences: Advanced

Price: 7 800 Kč

Please send the application form to Provide your name and phone number. Payment will be pre-paid. Capacity is limited 🙂


Narrative Longform
Jonathan Pitts studied with Del Close 3 times, each time for a year.
From Del he learned to perform the style that Del created in Francisco in the late 60’s and then he further refined it in Chicago in the mid-70’s to early ’80’s. Students will experience these unique improv fundations and will learn looser and freer structure that explore in depth the suggestion given by the audience. In this ensemble based workshop, the improvisers will learn to recognize and incorporate organic patterns that come from exploring the suggestion intuitively.

Mastering the Monoscene
If you’ve already done the Living Room, Harold, Armando, or long form narrative, then you are ready for the Monoscene. The Monoscene or sometimes called a one-act play was originally created by Michael Gellman, as detailed in the book
„Process“. The Monoscene is one of the most challenging and rewarding forms of improv. In the Monoscene you play the same character for the full 30-45 minutes, you are only in one location, the scene takes place in real time, and there are no edits of time or space. It can be a tricky process as there’s no internal form structures to cling too, so instead the improviser’s skills require listening, give and take, ensemble focus, acting, and patience. Through this workshop, Jonathan Pitts, who studied with Michael Gellman twice, will teach the performers how to apply these skills in this form, as well as establishing small moments in the beginning that become strong character arcs, in depth relationships, and the ability build a whole world out of one location.

About Jonathan:

Jonathan Pitts is an award winning international theatre artist from Chicago. He s a creator, director, improviser, performer, producer, and teacher. He co-founded the Chicago Improv Festival and produced it for 20 years. He also created and produced the College Improv Tournament for 10 years and he created
and produced the Chicago Podcast Festival or the last 2 years. He taught improv at The Second City for 16 years and he is a contributing writer to The Second City´s book on improvisation. For 3 consecutive years he was selected by New City magazine as one of Chicago´s Top 50 Theatre Players. He´s performed in over 1,200 improvised shows, some of them story oriented.

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