The BLR Improv Comedy Brew!

Čas události: 6.10.2022 17:30 - 20:00
Místo: A Maze in Tchaiovna

BLR are back, in the flesh! Live!

Join Blood, Love and Rhetoric Improv Comedy Theatre each Thursday for the return of the Improv Comedy Brew!

In times like these, we all could do with a little pause and a smile and what better way than watching the best in Prague English-language comedy doing what they do brilliantly, making us laugh!

Mixing more traditional American/British improv formats with a more European theatrical feel and an international cast of professional and dedicated performers, it’s a perfect night of comedy and theatre with all the joys and none of the pretense.


Limited seating in our well ventilated theatre. Reservations are recommended via We can accept only 6 groups of up to four people (from different households or more people if from the same household)

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