Improv Mixer

Čas události: 29.5.2020 19:30 - 22:00
Místo: R3 Bar, Orebitska 5, Praha

The Global Improv Network invites you to learn and play, and mix and mingle with other improvisers and improv fans at the GIN Improv Mixer @ R3 Bar.

We’ll start with a workshop to develop our skills and learn new formats, and will open the stage in the second half for a jam / show. Come to both or either.

The Week 1 Workshop will be an intro to different formats and classic exercises and games. Future weeks will be geared towards specific formats.

In the second half, we’ll perform. All improvisers are welcome to join in for a jam, and slots are available for new and experienced groups who would like to perform. Contact Tim or GIN to sign up.

Hosted by Creative Difference’s Tim Burgi and other members of the Global Improv Network.

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