Mask workshop with Steve Jarand

Čas začátku: 2.11.2019 10:00
Čas konce: 3.11.2019 17:00

Místo: Blood, Love and Rhetoric Improv Comedy, Záhřebska 21, Praha

“Theatre should have risk, and the most wonderful risk of all is when an actor is surprising themself and living in the present moment, like a child on the playground.”

The Fascination of the Masks

What are the differences between good Impro and great Impro? Good acting and great acting?
It lies somewhere beyond wit, charm and precision.
In this workshop, gain some insight into the origins of improvised theatre and the heart of the performer through the use of masks and mask ideas.
Experience how the impulse of transformation can come from something other than your thoughts, your concepts, your ‘self’.
We will work with half (TranceMasks) and/or partial masks (noses, glasses, wigs, etc.) to give ourselves different inner and outer perception.
We will also play silent full masks to practice new physical and emotional states, to reveal the stories of the audience and the personal feelings that go along with them.

*2 day workshop with the master of masks, the world famous Steve Jerand.
4000kc total

applications to with a description of your improv / acting experience

Presented by Blood, Love and Rhetoric Improv Comedy

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