Prague Playbackers Open Rehearsal #5

Čas události: 28.8.2022 19:00 - 21:00
Místo: Richy happy bar

Join us for an evening of Playback Theatre at Richy happy bar!
Prague Playbackers will be having another open rehearsal.

On Sunday we will talk about change. Change of seasons, personal change, social change or any other type of change you can think of. Human life is full of changes, nothing stays the same. It can cause many emotions such as fear, frustration, discomfort, but also relief and hope. Whatever you feel, we’re here to honor your story and offer you art in return.

Come and meet our ensemble, get to know how playback theater works & what our rehearsals are like, and share your stories with us, which we will play back for you on the spot.

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