Prague Playbackers Performance at RefuFest

Čas události: 25.6.2022 17:00 - 18:00
Místo: Střelecký ostrov


Prague Playbackers will perform playback theatre at the 16th annual intercultural festival, RefuFest: „SPOLECNE ZA SVETOVY MIR“ = TOGETHER FOR WORLD PEACE!

Playback Theatre is an amazing, but simple, improvisational technique that creates an atmosphere of safety, trust, and intimacy where we can easily open up and express ourselves freely.

So, come along on Saturday and get the chance to be heard… share your thoughts/feelings/stories (e.g. How’s your day going? What did you bring/try/buy today? Where are you from?/What brought you to Prague?/What’s happened since…?) and we will honour them by playing them back to you – through movement, acting, image, and music. Feel the solidarity of our community and help to create a world where people can live in peace and security!

Find out more about Prague Playbackers and playback theatre:

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