Script for Brains – Live Improv Comedy

Čas události: 7.4.2023 20:00 - 22:00
Místo: A Maze in Tchaiovna

Script for Brains live on stage.
A mix of mirth to tickle your funny bones. Kicking behind at A Maze in Tchaiovna – Prague 6, The first Friday in every month. Get yourself there for about 19:45 (curtain up 20:00).
For a proper cuppa and side order of sniggers.
Bookings via a Facebook message or email:
Brought to you by some of the Script for Brains players: Jake Bernard Buckner, Anna Patočková David Papa,Vladyslav Pysmennyi, Rebecca Riisness, Nolan Alber, Candice Lam and Steen Agro…
And still!!!

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